Withdrawal Policy

The Millionaire team knows that collecting winnings is one of the most exciting parts of casinoplay. That’s why we have taken every measure to ensure that your funds will be delivered to you as quickly and securely as possible. To find out how we do this, read our Withdrawal Policy below.

  1. When a member requests a withdrawal, the funds requested are transferred to the payment method(s) the member initially used to deposit.
  2. In cases where a member’s payment method is not available for withdrawal due to third party policy restrictions, the withdrawal will be made to another payment method available to the member.
  3. If a member has outstanding deposits to Millionaire, we reserve the right to postpone or halt withdrawal payments until all deposits are received and confirmed.
  4. We do not charge any withdrawal fees (subject to section 5 below). Should a member’s bank or payment method charge a processing fee in connection with the withdrawal, the payment of this fee is the responsibility of the member.
  5. In a case where we cease to offer our services in a specific jurisdiction, a reasonable processing fee may be charged to the member upon withdrawal.
  6. It is the responsibility of the member to notify Millionaire immediately of a lost or stolen credit/debit card or change of details to an e-wallet; any losses and damages stemming from a failure on the part of the member to provide immediately such a notification will be borne solely by the member, and Millionaire will not be liable for any such losses and damages.
  7. Minimum Withdrawal Amounts:
    Wire transfer: $50 / €50 / £50
    Bank draft: $30 / €25 / £20
    Moneybookers, Neteller, credit card, debit card: $20 / €20 / £20
    NOTE: Requested withdrawal amounts that are below the minimum sums listed above will not be processed.
  8. Limitations:

    (i) Visa credit and debit card withdrawals are not available in certain countries due to local issuer restrictions.
    (ii) MasterCard and debit card withdrawals are not available due to issuer restrictions.
    (iii) The maximum withdrawal amount per account is (i) $1,500 / €1,500 / £1,500 per week, and (ii) $3,000 / €3,000 / £3,000 per month, except in the case of progressive jackpot winnings.

  9. As a measure to protect members from online fraud, Millionaire may sometimes require identity verification before processing a withdrawal. Members may be asked to show one or more of the following documents (or additional documents not listed below) to Millionaire:

    (i)Credit/debit card used to fund a Millionaire account: A clear, legible copy of both sides of the card is required. For security reasons, the middle eight numbers on the front of the card and the three-digit code on the back of the card’s copy must be crossed out.

    (ii)Proof of address: This can come in the form of a recent utility bill or credit card statement that shows the member’s full name and address as listed in his/her Millionaire account. For credit card statements, the middle eight numbers on the front of the card and the three-digit code on the back of the card must crossed out for security reasons.

    (iii)Photo ID: A recent photographic identifying document is required for members to process their first withdrawals. The ID can be a copy of a valid passport, driver’s license or national ID card. The member’s name, photograph and signature must appear on the copy sent to Millionaire.

    (iv)In some cases, members may be asked to have their documents signed and stamped by a qualified notary or solicitor as proof of legitimacy.

  10. Please be advised that all cash out requests will appear as “Pending” for 3 business days, during which time You can cancel the request.
  11. Your transaction and financial information is protected at Millionaire by the most advanced security and encryption technologies in the industry. You can depend on us for fun and safe gaming. For assistance with withdrawals or any other matter, feel free to Contact Us.