Weekly Surprise

Believe it or not, any one day of the week may be your lucky day. The seemingly too good to believe, Weekly Surprise from the Millionaire casino, has been up for grabs all through the year for 52 weeks.

Here at Millionaire casino, we believe in the fun of giving. Sharing means more happy players, which is exactly what we want. Happy players mean, they will play more, in turn helping us.

To keep this cycle running for long, every week we will add some amount to the few lucky players. Keep a lookout for any sudden spike in your casino account. If so, then it’s time for the Weekly Surprise to drop into your account.

It can happen on any day, so long as you keep depositing and playing the casino games. The more you deposit and play, the better is your winning chance of getting the Weekly Surprise.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You should have made a deposit during the last 14 days and played within 8 days to qualify for this promotion.
  2. The bonus amount may vary and is not guaranteed.
  3. The reward money is subject to the Millionaire Casino’s Bonus Policy.