Winning Wizards

Winning Wizards pays out the wins in both ways!

Turn the clock back in time, and transport yourself to the world of magic and wizards. The Winning Wizards slot game will work its magic on you in 5 different ways to bring the riches and good fortune.

Play the little slot game filled with the wizard Merlin (??) wearing the blue top hat, spell books, magical bracelets, potion jars and the jewelled Wizards staff. Looking bright with crisp details they just pop out of the reels in quick time to spin the winning combination.

Winning Wizards Bonuses

How would you rate a 5 reel 5 payline slot game? With the Winning Wizards slot game, it’s the same case. You want to enter into the magical realm of wizards and magic. The Winning Wizards is the epitome of all magical themed slots. With just 5 paylines, no wilds, scatters or free spins, the only way by which you can get the magic coins is by getting your payout wins from both the directions.

With the greatest wizard of all times, Merlin (??) wearing the big blue wizard’s hat beside you; you can reap the 10,000 gold coins in a matter of few spins. You will wish for 5 of his images to appear on the 5 reels and magically drop those coins into your satchel.

And you have to just make a small token payment for his services. It could be anywhere from 0.25 and go right up to 5.0 for a single payline.

After this initial payment, you can wager on all the 5 coins, and reap his magical benefit. He is generous to a fault and will pay in both the ways for every win that he helps create.

Spin the reels and let the generous Winning Wizards grant all your wishes!

Game Snapshot

  • Reels and Paylines: 5 and 5
  • Jackpots (£/$/€): 10,000 coins (base game)
  • Coin Bet Range (£/$/€): 0.25 – 5.0
  • Scatters: No
  • Wilds: No
  • Free spin: No
  • Bonus Games: No
  • Gamble round: No