DJ Wild

This glitzy dance themed slot game has a glossy, contemporary look. The reels cover the entire screen with no background required. Symbols include all the totems of the superstar DJís art, including DJ consoles, keyboards and headphones. Shame there isnít room for any vinyl, but thatís so old school. Reel characters are supplemented by some traditional fruit machine favourites such as watermelons, lemons and cherries. Because only a loser would bring playing cards to a rave. The soundtrack has a suitably atmospheric keyboard backing with the occasional thumping beat to raise the tempo. The whole game is evocative of a life affirming big dance event: you too can feel yourself transported back to those happy, heady holiday times on a Mediterranean island. Its big and bold design looks great on a full wide screen, but it really comes into its own on a more compact device. Its use of the entire screen for the reels, with no space wasted with unnecessary background means that everything is completely clear no matter how compact your mobile screen. So set the game to Auto Play, put your hands in the air and soak up the Balearic atmosphere as you go DJ Wild!

Game Play

Winning sequences can run from right to left as well in the more conventional left to right style, so you can achieve some less expected wins. You can set your stake at values between 25p and £100 per spin on this game, so it really should suit all budgets, from the free beach party goer all the way up to the VIP guest. The wild symbol is the DJ Wild logo. This can substitute for all the other symbols and getting one anywhere on your reels triggers a re-spin. Not only that, but the Wild can expand either horizontally or vertically to cover more reel characters during re-spins to further improve your chances of winning. Achieving more Wilds during your free goes then triggers further re-spins. The maximum reel symbol win is 1000 x your original stake.

Special Features

You can choose to pre-set your betting strategy on this title. There are four different strategies to choose from, and these can be further customised to suit the preferred tactics of any player. These can be accessed by clicking or tapping on the coin level logo at the bottom left of your screen. Many players like the Optimiser option, where you can set your stake level as a proportion of your remaining balance. This can be varied from as little as 1% up to 10%, so everyone from the casual player to the high roller should be able to find a level that suits them. Other options can vary your stake as a result of your patterns of wins and losses. Or of course, you can choose the default setting of doing it all manually as usual. The choice is yours.


Thereís not much in the way of brain power required for this entertaining and atmospheric title. You can just let the DJ drive you wild with his driving beats and let the reels run. It certainly looks and sounds great and really is great fun to play if you want to bring back memories of that wild and carefree long hot summer holiday from not so long ago. The anticipated Return to Player rate (RTP) is over 96%.